Francis found himself sitting under the tree. A tree he knew. He had seen numerous paintings of it during his lifetime. The tree was alive and he could almost hear it breathe. In the distance, he saw an angel with white wings and a shiny golden sword in his hands. The angel was looking away from Francis.

“Francis,” said a voice in his ear. Francis looked around to see who was calling him but found no one.

“Francis,” came the voice again.

“Who is it?” asked Francis.

“It’s me.”

“Lord,” whispered Francis with a sigh.

“Yes, my child.”

“I must be dreaming.”

“You are. It’s the easiest way to hear me.”

“Where am I?”

“In the garden.”

“Why am I here?”

“I need you to do something Francis. The Devil is taking hold of the earth. Sinners roam freely while the good toil hard. I’m running out of patience and if things don’t change, humanity will face my wrath soon and this time it’ll be much worse than a flood.”

“What should I do my lord?”


Pope Francis rushed out of the study, his throat too dry to speak and his eyes searching for Jacob. On seeing him, Jacob sensed something was wrong. The Pope was visibly out of breath and looked exhausted. Jacob ran when the Pope waved at him to come inside the library.

“Holy See, is everything alright?” asked Jacob on seeing the pope spill more water than drink.

The Pope put the empty glass on the table with authority.

“Last thing I remember, I was reading the bible and fell asleep. Don’t judge me! I’m old. It happens to the best of us.”

“I shall not judge.”

“Good, because what I’m going to tell you is worthy of judgement.”




“What’s next on the agenda?” asked Obama.

“Mr. President,” said the Chief of Staff, “Pope Francis wants you to give a speech and encourage the people to pray together next Sunday.”

“Is this about the Pray Together Day?” asked Obama with a smile.

“Yes, sir. I must say this Pray Together Day has gathered a lot of momentum ever since the Pope announced his intentions.”

“I know. It is quite an achievement what Pope Francis has managed to do in such a short time. He’s got the Hindus, Buddhists and even the Muslims to rally behind this event. All countries are signing up. It is quite a brilliant idea. Everybody in the world praying together at the same time. What a smart Pope! I want to meet him someday soon. Go ahead and schedule a broadcast for next week. If the Pope wants me to tell the people to pray, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

“Yes, Mr. President.”




Pope Francis closed his eyes and prayed with all his heart. He knew that everyone in the Vatican was praying. In fact, most people in the world were saying a prayer at that very instant. Francis felt his hearing weaken. He resisted opening his eyes and kept praying. Soon, he could hear the prayers in the cathedral as if they were coming from a far off place, and then, he heard the voice he had been longing to hear again.



“What do you want?”

Francis hesitated and then said, “An end to all the suffering.”

“So be it.”


John Legend stood onstage in the front of the packed stadium. Just as he was about to start singing All of me, he saw two girls in the front row dissolve into a million golden particles. In the next instant, more people in the audience started disappearing and leaving behind a rainbow colored shine. Soon after, the colors were all he could see. Everywhere around him he saw the colors, both bright and subtle.

The particles whizzed by him and through him and he realized that he could no longer see or feel his body. He felt light and happy and content. A knowing came over him and he understood what the universe is and where it is and why it is. The knowledge filled his every being and he smiled at the simplicity and the beauty of it all.

“Thank you,” said Harry and heard a final roar of applause.


From diary of International Space Station captain 

It was a sight to behold. Last night the whole planet glowed for about three minutes. Colors that I can’t begin to describe covered the ocean as well as the land. Luckily we got some great photos from up here.

Soon after the glow, we lost all communication with earth. The only logical explanation I can think of is that the glow was some kind of electromagnetic storm and it knocked down all electronic devices.

Hopefully they can get it all sorted out soon and I can send them the mind-boggling photographs.



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